Management Resources

The International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association (INOHVAA) is working to create resources to assist with the management of Off-Highway Vehicles(OHV).

OHV recreation is another form of outdoor recreation.  It is performed by people who like to be out in our natural environment.  The main difference is in the type of recreation that is chosen.  OHV activity can be managed in a sustainable way, and this is the group of people who do it.  INOHVAA will continue to work on adding tools and information to this site and webpage.  Some of the information exists now and is being collected and some of it is being developed.

Please let us know if you have any information which might be of interest to our group of OHV program managers or if you are a land manager and are interested in joining us.

Resource Pages

Guidelines & Position Statements

As a group of OHV program managers, we have created position statements regarding topics specific to OHV recreation that are national in nature.  The position statements may or may not be the same as the policies, rules, or statutes in the states who are a member of INOHVAA.

Legislative Page

This page is dedicated to rules, laws, and policies that exist for OHV recreational activities.  We also have a blog which lists many of the current legislation for the states.  Of course, legislation changes all of the time, so the blog houses the actual statues while this page will have a general over-view.

State Resources

Where we have collected the information, we have pulled together contact information for the positions and departments within the State Government which are associated with OHV recreation in some way, such as parks, trails, other land management functions, grants or funding, enforcement, etc.


There are a lot of different acronyms out there and a lot of ways people reference off-highway vehicles.  To make sure we are all on the same page, we have created a list of definitions so that you know what we mean by the terms and acronyms we are using.