INOHVAA Membership

There are a two different types of membership in INOHVAA: Voting and Participating.

Voting Members

Voting members are made up of representatives from State and Province governmental agencies that have paid their annual membership dues. As the name implies, Voting Members can vote on INOHVAA business.

Annual membership dues currently start at $500.

Participating Members

The participating member is made up of representatives from State and Province governmental agencies, but no dues have been paid.  Participating members are not able to vote on INOHVAA business.  Participating members are eligible to upgrade to a Voting Membership at anytime by paying the annual membership dues.

Associate Members

INOHVAA Associate Members are another critical part of our organization. Associate Membership is open to OHV Program Managers that are not directly associated with a State, such as Federal Agencies or trail contracting organizations.

Some of our Associate Members


Great Outdoors Consultants are specialists in planning and design for all types of outdoor nature-based recreation.

INOHVAA Partners

At INOHVAA we believe in partnering with quality organizations to help provide quality and sustainable off-highway vehicle trails and riding opportunities.  Doing so allows us to both protect our natural resources and also provide riding experiences that the public desires.

Partners that are affiliated with INOHVAA

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is a non-profit organization that is focused on creating a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation.